Conflict and Mental Health Tips by Mind HK

Navigating Difficult Conversations and Situations and Managing your Mental Health

Uncertainty and instability in the world around us can have a BIG impact on our mental well-being. No matter where you are – school, social settings, or elsewhere – stressful situations that might provoke different opinions can lead to difficult conversations and feelings of frustration. However, there are ways that we can protect our own and others’ mental well-being in difficult times..

When any type of disagreement or difficult conversation occurs it is really important to recognise and accept your feelings – do not ignore them. It is normal to feel sad, helpless, angry or distressed when we hold different views from those we care about. Our recent research conducted in September 2019 showed that 61% of Hong Kong-ers currently have poor mental well-being. Taking care of your mental health and checking in on others should be a priority for everyone – especially during this period. There are many ways that we can protect our own and others’ mental well-being in times of social unrest.

The below booklets (available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English) contain some tips on navigating difficult situations and conversations and managing your mental health: 

Mental Health Tips (PDF Booklets)

Special Thanks | Mind HK’s Position Statement

Thank You!
We would like to thank all of our volunteers, local NGOs, and experts, who have volunteered their time to help curate and review these booklets. These booklets have been produced by Mind HK, with the support of KELY Support Group, the Samaritans and the Samaritan Befrienders. Special thanks to the Research and Impact Initiative on Communication in Healthcare (HKU RIICH) for helping review these documents.

Mind HK’s Position Statement

Anyone in Hong Kong who needs help with their mental health can be assured that they are entitled to the full support of Mind HK, irrespective of their gender, race, background or beliefs.

To be effective and credible, Mind HK operate as a neutral and impartial humanitarian charity without any political affiliations or other conflicts of interest.

The work we do, especially our research, is dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable groups and maintaining the best mental health possible for all of Hong Kong.

We hope that anyone reporting or commenting on our work will respect and support our independence and neutrality.