SENPHA is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong (registered charity number: 91/14267). We offer to the general public, schools, groups or institutions a wide range of mental health and related services, such as art, psychology, stress and emotional management workshops and so on. SENPHA hosts various kinds of charitable activities, aiming to strengthen the community’s mental health awareness and understanding. The entire team is composed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers committed to serve the community for better psychological advancement.

SENPHA minds your minds. The name SENPHA is an acronym formed by its core values: Sports, Education, Nature, Psychology, Helping and Arts. These 6 core values tell you the way to a healthier and happier mind.


Your psychological health is our priority!

Our missions are:

  • Promote and enhance the community’s awareness of importance of psychological health.
  • Promote and advance the standard, importance and practice of non-academic curriculum for the benefit of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.
  • Hold and participate in charitable activities to promote equal opportunity and serve the community.
  • Promote and enhance the community’s awareness of importance and benefits of co-habitation with our nature and animals in the society.
  • Gather professionals from the field of education, psychology and healthcare and facilitate interdisciplinary professional collaboration on education and psychological health.