SENPHA is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong (registered charity number: 91/14267). We offer to the general public, schools, groups or institutions a wide range of mental health and related services, such as art, psychology, stress and emotional management workshops and so on. SENPHA hosts various kinds of charitable activities, aiming to strengthen the community's mental health awareness and understanding. The entire team is composed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers committed to serve the community for better psychological advancement.

SENPHA minds your minds. The name SENPHA is an acronym formed by its core values: Sports, Education, Nature, Positivity, Helping and Arts. These 6 core values tell you the way to a healthier and happier mind.


Your psychological health is our priority!

Our missions are:

  • Promote and enhance the community's awareness of importance of psychological health.
  • Promote and advance the standard, importance and practice of non-academic curriculum for the benefit of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.
  • Hold and participate in charitable activities to promote equal opportunity and serve the community.
  • Promote and enhance the community's awareness of importance and benefits of co-habitation with our nature and animals in the society.
  • Gather professionals from the field of education, psychology and healthcare and facilitate interdisciplinary professional collaboration on education and psychological health.
January 10, 2019
SENPHA心福慈善一直致力為提高大眾對心理健康重要性的關注,以6個核心價值為本,不停舉辦各類型慈善活動教導大眾如何舒緩心理壓力。 2016年,SENPHA成功於朗豪坊及希慎廣場舉辦第一屆SENPHA心福慈善藝術大賽暨展覽「尊重生命,杜絕虐待」,鼓勵大眾透過藝術舒緩心理壓力,並推廣「尊重生命,杜絕虐待」的正面訊息,展覽展出超過二百位參加者的藝術作品,成為全港最大型以防止虐待動物作主題的藝術展覽之一。 而第二屆SENPHA心福慈善藝術大賽即將聯同香港海洋公園一同合辦,以「星夢之旅」為主題,分別舉辦「KOL大賽」及「跳出明星夢」舞蹈比賽,提供國際舞台予年輕人一展才藝,鼓勵他們勇於追夢,並推廣藝術有助舒緩心理壓力。活動即將於1月公開招募,並計劃於2019年4月27日在香港海洋公園怡慶坊舉辦總決賽。 今次第二屆SENPHA心福慈善藝術大賽「星夢之旅」有幸得RESAGE冠名贊助活動,一同慈善義賣RESAGE活膚精華噴霧,讓大眾可享有慈善優惠價訂購產品,並且全數款項撥款於SENPHA支持「星夢之旅」的活動成本之用。希望大家以善心購買RESAGE活膚精華噴霧時,能夠真正散發由內向外的美麗!敬請大家鼎力支持! 購買方式: 慈善優惠價港幣$980一樽,港幣$1800三樽。 透過現金入賬或銀行轉賬給我們,資料如下: 銀行名稱:東亞銀行 銀行編號:015 賬戶名稱:心福慈善基金有限公司 賬戶號碼:523-6800-5995 請付款後填寫以下表格連同銀行收據電郵至 melon@senpha.org 姓名: 聯絡電話: 聯絡電郵: 購買產品: 捐款收款:(如要,請填寫收件人及收件地址) 如有任何問題,可Whatsapp +852 6899 7792查詢!

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